Hello Clan Beowulf

I pumped a little life into the old Clan Beowulf website.  I was working on my son’s VLOG website, Bronanigans and decided to see where the old Clan Beowulf website stood.  I still have the domain and some webhosting space, so I threw on WordPress and made a few customizations.

Yes, I know it’s a dated look.  Let’s call it nostalgic.  I have most all the media from all of the old websites, images, movies, Quake runs, BW promo videos, pods (pic of the day) and tons of miscellaneous stuff.  It was cool to just look through all of the pieces of the old websites.

If there is anything you would like from the website, or if you would like to bring it back to life, just let me know.

– BW Chip